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Important Dates

Here is the timeline for scholarship awards. 

March 27, 2024

Application Deadline

All applications must be turned in to  by March 29th in order to be considered for review.

April 22nd & 23rd

Finalist interviews

Finalists who have been chosen will be interviewed by a select panel of board members at the Mount Vernon High School. 

April 1 -12th, 2024

Applications Screened

The board will review all applications and choose a final group that will need complete a final live interview.

Late May

Award Ceremony

It's time to celebrate! The recipients have been chosen! An award ceremony in their honor will take place at a date and time to be determined.

I'm not planning on attending a four year college. Should I still apply?

Absolutely, yes! We believe there are more paths to success than a four year college so if your path is community college, vocational school, or a technical school, APPLY!

What does the scholarship application process look like?

First, submit an application so we can get a better understanding of who you are and what your hopes, dreams, and hurdles are. If things go well we will have an interview to better assess your needs and goals.

What are the scholarship requirements?

We are looking for active students who have demonstrated they can make a valuable contribution to our community. That can look like many different things, so if you're not sure, it doesn't hurt to try!

Who will be choosing the applicants?

We have a panel of community members and MVHS alumni, all active in the Skagit Valley community, who contribute their time to this wonderful cause. Chances are you might even see some familiar faces!

This scholarship is need based - does that mean that if I can afford school I shouldn't bother to apply?

We want everyone to apply. While the scholarship is largely need based, there are always extenuating circumstances that can cause other financial hardships. We take everything into consideration with this scholarship. If you could use help, please apply!

Door FAQs

Donor FAQs

What's the best way for me to donate?

Whichever way works for you! Since we're now offering convenient online payments, really we're just happy you want to donate at all! There is a fee associated with online donations, but as a charitable organization, the fees are lowered on our end. If you'd rather write and mail a check, our mailing address is on the footer (bottom of the page). Any way you donate you're changing someone's life!

Are you a registered charity organization so this is tax deductible?

The answer is YES! Our tax ID is 91-1264389, which will be listed on the receipt you are mailed or emailed for tax purposes. So it's ok to get wild with your donation! It's deductible!

What kind of applicants end up with the scholarships?

The applicants we choose are largely need based, have proven they are active in our community AND have achieved academic success. We want to make sure finances aren't a hinderance to further education. 

Why do you consider these scholarships an "investment in the future"?

That's a great question! Since the applicants we select have already proven they are community minded and ambitious, our hope is that assisting them in furthering their education will allow them to devote more time and resources back into our community post graduation. Every student that we help to achieve their goals becomes more educated with new skills that will improve their lives wherever they live. So even if it's not our community that benefits, the world is still a better place!

Are the scholarships only for graduates going to a 4 year university?

Absolutely not! We want to make sure ANYONE can achieve their post graduate goals including 4-year university, attaining an associate's degree, or attending a technical/vocational school. All dreams are worthy of pursuing! 

For memorial gifts, does the person honored have to be a former graduate of MVHS?

Absolutely not! ANYONE can be honored. We don't care if they were associated with the school or not. Some people really love funding education and some people just really love green and white. The reasons aren't important to us. The love and meaning are all that matter!

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